"A few months ago I was able to obtain a newer Audi  convertible due to an unexpectedly good opportunity.  On the downside, since I could only reasonably use one convertible, I had to sell my beloved 2003 Audi convertible.  As I entertained the thought of selling that car, with all the associated hassles, I discovered the newly instituted consignment opportunities provided by Duncan Consignment & Instant Cash Offer beginning on May 1.

One week ago, I brought my 2003 Audi convertible to the Duncan Consignment & Instant Cash Offer building and met with Jeffrey Spencer, the Consignment Sales Manager.  Mr. Spencer examined the car and used the resources of the internet to help me decide on a fair market price range appropriate for my car. 

After a Duncan mechanic inspected my car, found to be in excellent condition, it was detailed and displayed in the Duncan Consignment building showroom.  The car was viewed by multiple potential buyers over a several day period and test driven by several.  A number of customers wanted to purchase the car and negotiated their offer with Mr. Spencer.  Mr. Spencer kept me informed about these offers throughout the negotiation process.  The car was sold on the fifth day at my suggested price.

I am extremely pleased with the entire Hokie Honda consignment process. Mr. Spencer dealt with all the details involved with selling the car such as inspecting and detailing, advertising, customer related questions and concerns, and the customers' test driving of the car.  And, he did so in a very professional manner that I feel was fair to me and to the customers. 

I would highly recommend Duncan Consignment & Instant Cash Offer to anyone thinking of selling their car.  The entire process was customer-friendly and professional in every way. "

Jeffrey B.